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If you're anything like me, you may find in a shoebox, photo album or maybe even a hard drive , priceless photos without captions. Photos that may be from generations passed, sharing in small detail who you are, where you've been or where you come from.

 Here you will find my imagination brought to life.

I believe that,

"Photography is capturing moments that will soon to come to pass".

Moments that tell a story. Moments that can change the course of history. 

My father (Mr. Swain) left behind a camera, that hardly ever left his eye, along with a box full of captured moments that have come to pass since his entering Heaven.

Im beyond grateful for this box that now has been added to my own collection . If I may keep his memory alive for just a bit longer, I plan on continuing what he loved so much.......creating and capturing special memories.

My goal for you and your's is to create a photograph that speaks

A photograph that recreates the very moment when time froze in front of the camera lens.....

A photograph that will be cherished from one generation to the next.....

A photograph that will remember little things long after they're forgotten.....

A cherished memory that may eventually find itself waiting to tell a story from a shoebox many years from now .

Thank you for visiting,

~ Amanda Swain


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