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The skill of taking honest photos and depicting beauty through photography is a gift from God. Without a doubt, He delights in seeing us use the talents and gifts He has given us, especially to benefit others.

I would appreciate the opportunity to share my gift with you.

I am experienced in capturing the following: Babies, Maternity, Families, Adult, Wedding, Senior & Teens, Religious, Engagement, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Corporate Events, Private Parties, Reunions, Sports and News Reporting. 

It is highly encouraged to contact me prior to our photo shoot(via phone call, email). This communication will help with coordination of recommended clothing, locations, themes, and special requests.


Amanda (901) 338-7668 or

Facebook: Amanda Swain Photography

Instagram: @RebelSwain #AmandaSwainPhotos

Twitter: @AmandaMSwain

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