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There will never be enough words to describe this photo series. It has given our personal and professional lives new meaning and perspective. We are forever changed and grateful.

Credit goes to the Masked FireMan, HE created all this.

His passion, dedication, and research behind every written truth(by his own hand) are greatly admired. It is an honor to stand behind him not only as his photographer but as his friend.

This all began with the intention of making noise within the city of Memphis. Little did we know...

Stepping Out and Standing Up for an even larger audience now, is mind blowing. The global recognition is still hard to even process...Your messages have given us hope and encouragement. Thank You.

This simple but very loud message, via cardboard and sharpie, has become an extraordinary example of the Power of ONE.Our desire is to see that same power in each of you.

Be the Change within your own areas. Our dying society is counting on it.


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